In the 2019 - 20 school year, the Rising Educator Conference will transition to the INspiring Educator Conference. 

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ISTA hosted the Rising Educator Conference on Oct. 19 - 20, 2018. Thank you to all the participants and speakers who made the event a success. View photos form the event on ISTA's Flickr account. 

Rising Educator Conference Materials 

Conference materials and presentations from the Rising Educator Conference can be found on the edCommunities group, ISTA Rising Educator Conference. If you haven’t yet signed up for edCommunities, visit to register. EdCommunities provides access to an online, national community of educators and professional groups to connect with your peers. 

Rising Educator Conference Testimonials 

"This conference has been extremely insightful and educational. I really feel it helped reaffirm my decision to become a teacher." 
Rising Educator Conference attendee

"Great location. Great people. Great learning. Great connections."
Rising Educator Conference attendee 

"The breakout sessions were out of this world. It was hard to choose only four! Thank you for providing speakers that are benefiting me and my future." 
Rising Educator Conference attendee 

ISTA ReSupply Testimonials

"I LOVE this store! These items allow me to provide for the students that may need extra assistance with supplies in my classroom. It also allows me to brainstorm neat ideas to engage my students!"
ISTA ReSupply shopper

"My kids will definitely be able to use the materials, and I won't have to buy them myself." 
ISTA ReSupply shopper 

"I received so many items that will be used for supplies in learning and daily tasks. I also obtained supplies to fuel labs and creative tasks." 
ISTA ReSupply shopper