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NEA Board of Directors Candidate Statements

An election for the NEA Board of Director will be held at the 2024 ISTA Representative Assembly (RA) on April 27 in Plainfield. The below candidate statements were submitted by the deadline of March 1.

Jennifer Laughlin

A person with experience, a person who listens with heart and mind, a person who represents you, a person who will give their all, is the person who you want to represent you on the NEA Board of Directors and talking to our federal legislators. I am Jennifer Laughlin, and I am confident that I am that person. I have had several years of experience proudly representing members locally and statewide in the most powerful union in Indiana, ISTA! Most recently I was your ISTA Treasurer and am currently Area 8-2’s representative on the Board of Directors. Do you want someone who understands the importance of representing ISTA members on the NEA Board of Directors? With over fourteen years of experience on the ISTA Board of Directors and several years on the Executive Committee, I am that person. I promise you that building relationships with people who make decisions in Washington D.C. is a key priority of mine. Change doesn’t happen unless people are willing to connect and work to make the changes that drive a new world where educators are earth shakers and important people to be at the table.

Wafa' Safi

There is a place for everyone in the association. You have a voice and a right to be heard. It would be my honor to represent you on the NEA Board of Directors and ensure that educators in Indiana are empowered through the many opportunities offered through the NEA. I have proudly and unapologetically co-led the following with ISTA staff, NEA staff, and ISTA members: (1) Know Your Rights Webinar 2) diverse programming/trainings (3) established the Indiana Educators of Color Network 4) various NEA ESP webinars & ISTA Conferences 5) served on IN educational Equity Coalition and 6) chaired the IN EOC Network Conference.

My Fellowship with the NEA had prepared me to: ask difficult questions & face challenges head-on to drive meaningful change.

Currently, I’m supporting and representing ISTA members through these roles: (1) VP of Secondary Education in the Hamilton SE Educators Association (HSEA), (2) co-chairing ISTA’s RAC (3) serving on NEA Steering Committees, and (4) speaking at National conferences of the great work we do.

My philosophy is to prioritize the growth and well-being of our members. Our success comes from elevating one another. Together, we co-create and reimagine our association to create spaces for all members.