Who is ISTA?

The Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA) is the voice of public education and educators in Indiana. Our nearly 40,000 members — from college students to retired educators — comprise the Association. ISTA membership offers a collective voice for the education profession and public schools in our communities.

ISTA is an affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA). The resources from NEA and ISTA enable the hundreds of local associations across the state to advocate for their members on issues such as compensation, working conditions, professional development and the well-being of their students.

As an affiliate of NEA, ISTA adheres to a code of ethics that guides our members and our policies.


The Indiana State Teachers Association is a professional association organized to sustain quality public education, improve students’ educational opportunities and advance the professional status of educators.


To advocate for and advance the interests of Indiana students, educators and public schools.

Core Values


Demonstrated by ethical behavior, professionalism and commitment to stakeholders. 


Demonstrated by vision, progressive advocacy and the resolve to be an inspiration to the future. 


Demonstrated by a diverse and inclusive professional community that values its democratic, equitable and empathetic culture. 

Collective Action 

Demonstrated by the power of a unified voice, collaborative action and mutual support. 

Envisioned Future 

ISTA will be recognized as the leading voice and advocate for public education in Indiana.


Professional Respect: Educators will be recognized,
respected and appropriately compensated for
their professional expertise. 

Quality Public Education: Educators will be empowered with all the necessary resources to guide all public education students to achieve their full potential as productive and responsible citizens. 

Teaching & Learning: Educators will drive the implementation of effective teaching methods and practices.

Policy Making: ISTA and its members will actively collaborate with policymakers to ensure that Indiana law reflects the best interest of students. 

Public/Community Support:
 Indiana parents and communities will be engaged as ISTA allies and advocate for public education. 

Our kids. Our schools. Our future.

Representative Assemblies 

ISTA is a member-governed organization. The ISTA and National Education Association Representative Assemblies (RA) are annually convened meetings to review and approve the business of the Associations. RA delegates are members elected by their local associations to represent them. 


Governing Documents

ISTA is a member-governed organization, which annually conducts Association business at its Representative Assembly (RA). The governing documents outline the current policies directing the Association’s work.

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