As educators, we are community leaders. It is our responsibility to ensure every kid, regardless of ZIP code, has access to a quality public education. This means we support the needs of students from every background and represent and incorporate diversity into our classrooms and schools. 

Upcoming Events


November is Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month. Find resources and lesson plans from the NEA to incorporate the celebrations into your classroom and school discussion. You can also engage with the heritage month through Read Across America books.


Nov. 6

Join ISTA and the Minority Affairs Committee for the Racial Justice Book Club. The book club will discuss Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James Loewen. The book club will be part of the Good Teaching Conference. The conference is open to ISTA members only.


ISTA Racial and Social Justice Work

ISTA continues to look inward at what we, as educators and an association, can do to improve representation of persons of color as teachers, educators and school leaders. 

Our Minority Affairs Committee reviewed and revised ISTA's Minority Improvement Plan. The committee updated the plan to reflect today's struggles, challenges and realities that face both educators and students of color. The plan looks to increase outreach to educators of color by building and strengthening relationships, implement racial justice training, improve the professional development opportunities for educators of color and advance efforts to recruit and retain more educators of color. 

Previous Advocacy Events

The Minority Affairs Committee hosted Kelly Waller from the Indiana Department of Education to discuss how to talk about race in the classroom.

Take Action 

There are numerous national and state organizations working toward equity for all. Take action by joining, supporting and sharing these organizations that are leading the fight nationally and in our communities. 


Classroom Resources

Bring diverse perspectives and conversations into your classroom. Use these resources to enhance your curriculum and represent all your students.

NEA EdJustice: Justice for Black Lives

Teaching Tolerance

Read Across America

Black Lives Matter at School

ADL Resources for Educators, Parents & Families

St. Louis Black Authors of Children's Literature

Learning for Justice Arab American Heritage Month

Professional Development Resources

Explore resources available to educators for personal and professional development, which creates more awareness of racial and social justice issues.

Teaching Tolerance Magazine

Racial Justice Is Education Justice

NEA Center for Social Justice

Racial Justice in Education: Resource Guide

Racial Equity Tools

Teaching While White