ISTA Racial and Social Justice Work

ISTA has a vision for every student. We know that institutional and structural racism are barriers to achieving our vision. We will leverage the power and collective voice of our members to end the systemic patterns of racial inequity and injustice that affect our Association, schools, students and education communities.

We are committed to supporting educators of color by building and strengthening relationships, implementing racial justice training, improving professional development opportunities and advancing efforts to recruit and retain more educators of color. 


ISTA hosted its inaugural educators of color conference this summer.

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The Racial Affairs Committee partnered with WFYI to host a special virtual documentary screening of “Harriet Tubman: Visions of Freedom,” on Jan. 12.

Take Action 

There are numerous national and state organizations working toward equity for all. Take action by joining, supporting and sharing these organizations that are leading the fight nationally and in our communities. 


Professional Development Resources

Explore resources available to educators for personal and professional development, which creates more awareness of racial and social justice issues.

Racial Justice Is Education Justice

NEA Center for Social Justice

Racial Justice in Education Resources

Racial Justice in Education: Resource Guide