Who is ISTA?

As a member-led organization, ISTA is its members. Educators can join ISTA as students preparing for a career in education through the Indiana Student Education Association or when they begin their careers in education. Membership can be maintained into retirement through ISTA-Retired. This career-long connection to Association resources, colleagues and the profession enhance educator effectiveness in our public schools. 

ISTA members include:

Each membership category is integral to the vitality and success of the Association. All members advocate for public education and work to strengthen the level of professionalism in education.


ISTA means stronger educators and better public schools.

An ISTA membership links educators to Indiana’s foremost professional education association, providing meaningful support and essential resources to ensure a bright future for educators and their students. ISTA advocates locally and statewide on behalf of members to protect the integrity and elevate the respect of all educators.

Join nearly 40,000 ISTA members in enhancing the education profession and advancing public education.

  • Contract bargaining and legal support

  • Effective legislative advocacy and political grassroots organizing

  • Professional development workshops, events and trainings

  • Networking with peers from across the state

  • Members-only publications and resources

  • Access to ISTA staff through the Member Resource Center

  • Discounts and special offers

  • Financial and insurance services

Making Membership Count

As a member of ISTA, members have access to professional development resources, advocacy efforts and the opportunity to lead the organization. Individual members can choose their level of involvement within the Association, but active, engaged members get more out of their membership. ISTA encourages all members to commit to a high level of participation to amplify the collective voice of educators and advance public education.