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Understanding and Navigating the New Literacy Endorsement Requirements

Recent updates to licensing and literacy endorsement requirements have raised questions among educators. ISTA is committed to supporting you through these changes, ensuring you have the information and resources you need.

License Areas Affected
The new requirements only pertain to educators licensed in early childhood (P-3), elementary (K-6, 1-6, elementary primary or elementary intermediate) and special education (elementary and P-12).

Here's What's Happening
The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) is initiating a literacy endorsement program to coincide with Indiana’s academic standards that mandate the science of reading, as outlined in HEA 1558 passed during the 2023 legislative session. While this is a step toward elevating the quality of education, ISTA understands the pressures and challenges it introduces for educators.

  • For Aspiring Educators
    Those seeking their initial professional educator license in the specified areas will need to include a literacy endorsement starting June 30, 2025. Educator preparation programs must incorporate this content into their curricula by July 1, 2024.
  • For Current Educators
    If you already have a license and will be renewing it, the requirement comes into effect later, after July 1, 2027. This gives teachers time to plan and complete the free necessary professional development without immediate pressure.

Professional Development and Financial Support
A state-funded, free, professional development program is available until June 30, 2025. By participating now, teachers can avoid future expenses, as the program and the Praxis exam fee are covered. Additionally, a $1,200 stipend is paid to teachers who complete the program.

Why Act Now?
The window for these benefits is limited. Engaging in the professional development program now prevents future out-of-pocket costs for the endorsement and the PRAXIS exam. ISTA encourages teachers in the targeted license areas to take advantage of the fully funded program while it's available.

Direct specific questions about the endorsement or professional development to the IDOE through their licensure form. ISTA is committed to advocating for you, providing a platform for shared experiences, and supporting each other as teachers adapt to these changes. Together, we can navigate this new requirement, ensuring educators are equipped to provide the best literacy education possible.