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Building Positive Relationships with Parents

As an educator, communicating with parents can be challenging. Here are five tips on effectively communicating and building relationships with your students’ parents.

1) Communicate Often – Provide detailed information about what’s going on in your classroom. Parents typically want to know what students are learning, what they’ve accomplished and the growth you’re seeing.

2) Declare Your Intention - Inform parents that you want to partner with them throughout the year and that you look forward to working with them.

3) Lead with Good News – Sometimes it’s necessary to have tough conversations with parents. However, it’s important to always remember to lead with good news. Always, give positive praise when calling parents or meeting with them to discuss a concern and share every success that the student has had.

4) Invite Parents to Share – Learn about your parents and invite them to participate inside the classroom if the curriculum and content connects to their cultural traditions, interests, passions, etc.

5) Listen to Parents – Parents know their children and can often provide some perspective and insight into their child’s behavior, learning challenges, etc. Talk to them to get to know them and the student.