Who are ISTA-Retired Members? 

ISTA-Retired members remain connected to the education profession and colleagues following retirement. Retired members continue to support public education through the activities and programs of ISTA.

ISTA-Retired Elections 

ISTA-Retired is holding elections for delegates to the ISTA and NEA Representative Assemblies (RA). 

ISTA-Retired NEA RA Candidates 

Find more information on the retired NEA RA delegate election here

ISTA-Retired ISTA RA Candidates 

Find more information about the ISTA RA here

As nomination forms are received, the candidate names and Association activities will be listed here.

Last updated: January 3, 2020

Craig L. Blume

  • 43 year member, Retired Life Member
  • Former ISTA UD and Manager
  • Former staff liason for ISTA-Retired

Sarah Borgman

  • NEA-Retired President
  • NEA/ISTA delegate 45 yrs.
  • Past and present Governance Committee

Peggy D. Boyd

  • Archives
  • Retired Legislative
  • VP of Blue River Retired

Terry R. Brendel

  • Dunes Shore Retired Chair
  • ISTA RA Delegate
  • Former NEA RA Delegate

Judith Ann Briganti

  • Past President ISTA
  • Elkhart County Retired Secretary Treasurer
  • ISTA Representative Assembly Delegate

Deborah Brogan

  • Past local president
  • Past Discussion Chair
  • Past ISTA Board member

Ginger L. Calhoun

  • State Retired Vice Chair
  • ISTA Board of Directors
  • 1-F Retired President

James Robert Clauser

  • Secretary of ISTA-Retired State Council
  • Chair of ISTA Archives Committee
  • Liaison to FWEA monthly RA

Rodney W. Ellcessor

  • Retired State Chairperson
  • NEA RA Delegate
  • ISTA RA Delegate

Sarah E. Ellcessor

  • Vice President Greater Indianapolis Chapter
  • RA Delegate

Gerald (Jerry) R. Ervin

  • President ISTA-Retired St. Joseph County
  • ISTA-R Zone 1 Coordinator
  • ISTA-R Executive Board

Janet L. Hayes

  • Local retired chapter secretary/treasurer
  • State newsletter editor
  • Zone Coordinator ISTA-Retired

Donald L. Mann

  • Vice President St. Joseph County Retired
  • Past President Concord Teacher Association
  • IPAC Chair

Debra Leigh Marcum

  • 2018, 2019 RA retired delegate
  • Current District 12 Liaison to DISCO
  • Past local President

Duane E. Miller

  • Delegate to NEA RA 2019
  • Past Pres. Sycamore Chapter
  • Sycamore Chapter Representative to ISTA RA

Damon P. Moore

  • Past President ISTA
  • Past delegate ISTA/NEA retired assemblies
  • Member ISTA-Retired State Council

Rosemary Hipskind Moore

  • Zone 4 Coordinator, ISTA/NEA Delegate
  • ISTA-R State Executive Committee
  • ISTA-R State Legislative Committee, Chapter President

Kathy A. Parks

  • ISTA-Retired Executive Committee
  • ISTA-Retired ISTA and NEA RA Delegate
  • Former ISTA Treasurer

MaryAnn Elizabeth Pollard

  • President of REECI Chapter
  • On Retired District Council
  • Retired Member District 13 Active Council

Mary Puntney

  • Archives Commitee
  • Local PAC Unit 18

Mara-Le Quarles

  • Retired Delegate on Board
  • District 5 Delegate
  • Scholarship Board Member

Francis (Fran) Riley

  • ISTA-Retired Communications Committee
  • Secretary Vanderburgh County Retired Educators
  • Former ETA Building Rep

Juan Jose Rodriguez

  • Legal Defense Panel: Member>Vicechair>Chair
  • MAC-Two Periods (1980s), Present
  • State Retired Council>Re-Elected/Appointed

Barbara Rotramel

  • President-Sullivan/Knox ISTA Retired
  • Past ISTA/NEA RA Delegate
  • ISTA State District Council Member

Jack R. Rowe

  • PAT Past President
  • PAT Past Treasurer
  • Present Vice President 1-B Retired

Roger F. Sharp

  • ISTA-Retired Zone 5 Coordinator
  • Hamilton County President for ISTA-Retired
  • NEA Representative Assembly retired delegate 2018-2019

Steven L. Tafflinger

  • local retired Chapter President
  • ISTA RA delegate 30 years
  • ISTA-R Scholarship & Membership Committee

Theresa Tafflinger

  • 1-B Retired Local Secretary/Treasurer
  • Professional Practices/ Standards Committee Member
  • ISTA Credentials Committee Chairperson

Stephen R. Tevebaugh

  • Local treasurer
  • ISTA Rep. Assembly
  • NEA Rep. Assembly

Karen S. Warble

  • Zone 6 Coordinator ISTA-R
  • ISTA-R Executive Committee
  • ISTA-R Communication Committee

Elden J. Wolting

  • Retired District Council Member At-Large
  • Retired State Communication Committee Chair
  • Past President Greater Indpls. Chapter ISTA-Retired

Sara E. Wood-Gibbs

  • Elkhart Building Rep & Brd. Member
  • Elkhart Teachers Association Pres. 2003-2007
  • Elkhart Co-Retired President 2013-2019

Carolyn M. Yates

  • Former ISTA/NEA RA
  • Former Board of Directors/ Executive Comm.
  • Former Minority Affairs/ Chair and Comm.

Join ISTA-Retired 

Joining ISTA-Retired is an opportunity for continuous membership in the Association. ISTA and NEA member benefits continue into retired membership. In addition, competitive rates for high-quality, long-term care insurance, Medicare supplemental insurance, retired dental and vision plans and liability insurance for substitute teaching become available to retired members.

Retired membership can be paid annually or by a lifetime membership, which locks-in the membership rate. Fill out an application to begin Retired membership. 

Online payment is by credit card only. If you prefer to pay by electronic funds transfer (EFT) or by personal check, please complete the membership form or contact the Member Resource Center. 

Questions? Contact the Member Resource Center at 844-ASK-ISTA (275-4782).

ISTA-Retired Membership Form 2020 - 21


Pre-Retired Subscription

Active educators can secure lifetime membership in ISTA-Retired by purchasing a pre-retired subscription. This membership category allows active members to pay for a lifetime membership in ISTA-Retired at any point in their career. Dues for both active membership and pre-retired lifetime membership can be deducted through EasyPay or payroll deduction, making the process simple. 

Those who choose to purchase a pre-retired subscription must maintain ISTA membership until retirement. 

Pre-Retired Subscription Application


While advocating on behalf of public schools, educators and kids, ISTA-Retired also dedicates advocacy to key issues important to retired educators, such as securing a Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA), establishing state funding for retired education employee health insurance premiums, maintaining social security and ensuring pension solvency.

Member Involvement

ISTA-Retired provides an opportunity to remain connected to the profession to which they dedicated their careers. A membership in ISTA-Retired is a membership in ISTA and the National Education Association (NEA). ISTA-Retired members have the option to then join a local chapter to remain connected in their local community. The knowledge and experience of ISTA-Retired members are integral to the continued success of ISTA, with an ISTA-Retired member serving on the ISTA board of directors, four Retired member appointments to the ISTA Standing Committees and representation on Indiana Political Action Committee for Education (I-PACE).


ISTA-Retired raises funds for the ISTA Foundation District Scholarship. High school seniors who are who are children or grandchildren of current ISTA members are eligible. Learn more about the ISTA Foundation Retired Scholarship.

ISTA-Retired Leadership

ISTA-Retired is organized into regional zones with local chapters for members to engage. 


Executive Committee

Rod Ellcessor, Chair
Ginger Calhoun, Vice-Chair
James Clauser, Secretary
Al Wolting, Member-at-Large
Ginger Calhoun, ISTA Board of Directors, Retired Representative
Gerald Ervin, Zone 1 Coordinator

Jan Hayes, Zone 2 Coordinator
Kathy Parks, Zone 3 Coordinator
Rosemary Moore, Zone 4 Coordinator
Roger Sharp, Zone 5 Coordinator
Karen Warble, Zone 6 Coordinator

District Council

The ISTA-Retired Statewide District Council is composed of an elected ISTA-Retired Board of Directors member, Retired representatives to the four ISTA Standing Committees, Retired I-PACE representative, one Retired member from each chapter, zone coordinators, NEA elected Retired members and ISTA president or designee (ex-officio).


ISTA-Retired has a number of statewide subcommittees on which retired members can serve, including Legislative, Membership, Newsletter, Communications, Scholarship and Golden Touch Award.

Latest News

ISTA-Retired produces a newsletter, The Chalkboard, delivering ISTA-Retired news to retired members.

Read the Latest Issue


ISTA-Retired staff liaison is Corey Kern.

Frequently asked questions

I have questions about retirement counseling, retirement pension direct deposit or retirement pension payments. Who can answer my questions?

The Teacher Retirement Fund (TRF) is a division of the Indiana Public Retirement System (INPRS). You can talk to an INPRS representative by calling 844-GO-INPRS (844-464-6777). To reach a representative, an automated voicemail service will prompt you to enter your pension ID and passcode. If you don’t have both readily available, stay on the line following the prompt. When the request goes unanswered following the second prompt, the phone system will automatically transfer you to a representative.

I’m now a member of ISTA-Retired. Can I choose to continue in an ISTA leadership position?

Yes, there are many opportunities available for Retired members to be active in the Association. Retired members have seats on the Board of Directors and governance and issue committees and can serve at the ISTA and NEA Representative Assemblies. Additionally, each ISTA-Retired chapter elects local officers.

Why should I choose ISTA-Retired over another professional retirement organization?

ISTA-Retired is the only organization that maintains your membership in the Association that has supported you throughout your career. Continue to receive NEA member benefits and discounts and enjoy the connection to colleagues. As an ISTA-Retired member, you can remain a vital instrument in supporting public education in Indiana.