Teresa Meredith, President


A kindergarten teacher at Thomas A. Hendricks Elementary, Teresa Meredith has taught in Indiana’s public schools for more than 20 years. Meredith is in her second, three-year term as ISTA president. Her previous roles in ISTA have included vice president, ISTA Foundation chair and board of directors member. As ISTA president, Meredith currently serves as the chair of the Great Lakes Center for Education Research & Practice. She and her husband, Chris, have four children.

Keith Gambill, Vice President


Keith Gambill is a middle school music and drama teacher. Gambill is in his second, three-year term as ISTA vice president. He has taught in Evansville’s public schools for 26 years. He served as the Evansville Teachers Association president before his election to his current role. Gambill also serves as the president of the ISTA Foundation.

Doug Taylor, Treasurer

New Albany

A fifth-grade teacher in the New Albany-Floyd County School Corporation, Doug Taylor has 25 years of teaching experience. Before serving as ISTA treasurer, Taylor served as the New Albany-Floyd County Education Association president, vice president, association representative, bargaining team member and as an ISTA board member. He and his wife, Tiffany, have two children. 

Dan Holub, Executive Director


Dan Holub brings 25 years of experience as an advocate and union leader to the position of ISTA executive director. Holub most recently served as the executive director of the Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (MAPE). Before MAPE, he represented education interests at the Wisconsin Education Association Council. Holub received a law degree from the University of Iowa College of Law. 

Board of Directors

As a member-governed organization, those serving on board of directors are ISTA members elected by their peers. The ISTA Board of Directors play a fundamental role in the overall management and direction of the Association. Some of their tasks include overseeing and managing the plans adopted by the Representative Assembly each spring, ensuring the direction and policies of the Assembly are implemented, appointing the executive director, and reviewing and amending the annual budget.

Donnie Watkins
District 07
John Comer
District 10
Jennifer Smith-Margraf
District 10
Sabra Gage
District 11
Jennifer Laughlin
District 14
Teresa Meredith
ISTA Officer
Keith Gambill
ISTA Officer
Douglas Taylor
ISTA Officer
Diana Reed
District 01
Charles Foster
District 02
Linda Lucy
District 03
Jessica Ramirez
District 04
Christina Pena
District 05
Theresa Jacobson
District 06
Donnie Watkins
District 07
Erin Hodel
District 08
Patricia Kennedy
District 09
John Comer
District 10
Sabra Gage
District 11
Ben Yoder
District 12
Tiauna Washington
District 13
Jennifer Laughlin
District 14
Jenny Whitaker
District 15
Teresa Collier
District 16
Alison West
District 17
Paul Farmer
District 18
Amy London
District 19
Julie Eaden
District 20
Kristi Held
District 21
Raeann Wintin
District 22
John Mclaughlin
District 23
Dustin Bailey
Higher Education
Mallory Burris
Betty Batliner
Jennifer Smith-Margraf
NEA Board Director
Hilda Kendrick-Appiah
NEA Board Director

Department Directors

Craig Blume
Director of UniServ & Organizing, Northern Region
Kim Clements-Johnson
Director of Communications
Jennifer Clutter
Director of Finance & Accounting
Sandra Steele
Director of UniServ & Organizing, Southern Region
Gail Zeheralis
Director of Government Relations