Professional Development

ISTA is committed to advancing professional development and learning opportunities for our members and Indiana’s public school educators. This includes advocating for more state-funded development and mentorship programs, hosting a variety of events to enhance teaching practices and improve student learning and curating a host of resources to promote continuous learning. ISTA and the ISTA Foundation offer scholarships to our members to contribute to the continuing education and training of public school educators and awards to recognize our members dedication to public education.

Professional Resource Center

ISTA’s Professional Resource Center (PRC) is the learning and networking program that provides our members with professional development and learning opportunities. The PRC fosters innovation, collaboration, collegiality and scholarship through a range of programs, services and resources.



ISTA’s PRC hosts a number of high-quality, statewide and local conferences and events. Members can earn Professional Growth Points (PGP), connect with colleagues from across the state and collaborate with educators looking to advance the profession.



Membership in ISTA and NEA connects our members to a variety of professional development and learning resources. Remaining up-to-date with your Indiana licensing is critical. PRC provides resources to remain current with license renewal. It is also a mission of ISTA to increase the number of National Board Certified Teachers in Indiana. ISTA offers a variety of financial support and online and in-person resources to help you achieve National Board Certification.

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NEA edCommunities

This is the place online where educators, education support professionals and community members join forces to improve student success. EdCommunities is an online education community to get inspired and inspire others. Share your strengths, exchange ideas and resources, create innovative materials and tools, join webinars and engage with others who share your commitment to our public schools and a student-centered education agenda.

Great minds lead the profession on NEA edCommunities

Connect with colleagues and educators across the country

Share and access free, high-quality curricula and resources—to use as you wish to create customized learning tools

Collaborate with school and community stakeholders

Expand your professional opportunities with virtual learning events

Join any of more than 60+ groups on specific education topics and issues—or start your own

Improve student learning

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Reading Challenge

Professional development comes in a variety of forms. Continual learning is a huge part of remaining engaged and expanding your horizons. Reading is the ideal vehicle for continual learning. Take part in the ISTA Reading Challenge. Those who complete the ISTA Reading Challenge before Jan. 6, 2017, will be eligible to win a copy of the 2017 National Book Award winning title.