Who are Active Teachers?

Active teachers in ISTA are those who currently teach in K – 12 public school classrooms. Active teachers are the largest membership group within the Association. ISTA programs and initiatives are centered around supporting public education and educators in the classroom through bargaining, advocacy, professional development and more.

ISTA hosts a variety of professional development conferences and workshops for members through the Professional Resource Center (PRC). 


Active Teacher Membership

A membership in ISTA includes membership in a local association and the National Education Association (NEA). Active teachers are represented by locals throughout Indiana. Local associations are led by educators elected to leadership roles, such as president, vice president and association representative (AR). 

Local associations bargain contracts with school districts that impact salary, wages and benefits. In addition, school corporations are required by law to meet with local associations to formally discuss and gather meaningful input on items such as teaching methods, curricular materials, pupil/teacher ratio, evaluation, class size, budget appropriations, hours and more. 

Teachers that choose to join ISTA and engage with their local associations gain professional credibility, support for career goals and a collective voice to advance public education.

Active teachers interested in joining ISTA should connect with the association representative (AR) in their building or contact the Member Resource Center at 844-ASK-ISTA (275-4782).