What is the ISTA Foundation?

The ISTA Foundation for the Improvement of Education is a nonprofit, established Nov. 25, 1985, to contribute to the continuing education and training of public school educators.

The ISTA Foundation offers scholarships to current educators, dependents of members and those pursuing a career in education with the goal to support current and future public educators.

Annual scholarships are available from the ISTA Foundation. They include the ISTA Foundation District Scholarship and the ISTA Foundation National Board Certification Scholarship.

ISTA Foundation Bylaws

ISTA Foundation Educator Learning Grant

View the 2021 ISTA Foundation Scholarship Winners.

View the 2019 ISTA Foundation National Board Certification Scholarship awardees.


ISTA Foundation Board

Jennifer Butler

Jennifer Clutter

Keith Gambill, ex-officio

Kara Hartz

Troy Johnson

Jennifer Laughlin

Dr Mattie L Jones

Heather Schilling

Jennifer Smith-Margraf

Doug Taylor, Chairperson

How Can You Support the ISTA Foundation?

The ISTA Foundation accepts donations and planned gifts including wills and bequests, gifts of securities, life insurance gifts, tax-qualified retirement plan gifts, charitable remainder trust gifts, charitable gift annuities and testamentary trusts and annuities. All donations and gifts are tax deductible. To make a donation, contact Doug Taylor