Together, we can.


Why Join the Indiana State Teachers Association?

Together, we can. Educators just like you have made a difference by joining ISTA and taking action through the Red For Ed movement. When we harness the power of our collective voice, educators are stronger together.

Whether it’s representation at the bargaining table, legal support, professional development or advocacy, we’re here for you. ISTA provides advice and professional advocacy on a range of issues you face as an educator including salary, evaluation support, contract compliance and enforcement and retirement.

ISTA supports the unique needs of aspiring and retired educators. Aspiring educators and retired educators should join using these links.

Join the nearly 40,000 ISTA members, and never walk alone.

Watch Linissa's Video

"I want educators to be able to educate."

- Linissa Wirtes, Middle School Teacher

Watch Vernon's Video

"We are able to provide the kind of atmosphere that would allow the children to focus on their studies."

- Vernon Baity, Education Support Professional Maintenance Technician

Watch Kelle's Video

"Red For Ed means everything."

- Kelle Price, Middle School Teacher

What Does ISTA Membership Include?

Supporting Your Contract

Guiding local associations to negotiate the best contract for their members.


Leading the Red For Ed movement to gain professional respect for educators.

Legal Benefits

Protecting your rights with legal representation and liability insurance.

Professional Support

Offering resources, training and conferences to advance your skills and accelerate your career.

Member Benefits

Partnering with national vendors, retailers and more to save you money.

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