ISTA hosted the INspiring Educator Conference on October 18 - 19, 2019. Thank you to all the participants and speakers who made the event a success. View photos from the event on ISTA's Flickr account. 

INspiring Educator Conference Testimonials 

"It was a great experience for my students, and I will encourage more to attend in the future."
- Indiana Student Education Association campus adviser

"It was fantastic. All the speakers were subject-matter experts."
- INspiring Educator Conference attendee

"Very inspiring and informative! Great insight from tenured professionals in the field and a great way to connect with others from across the state that share the same passion for education as you do!"
- INspiring Educator Conference attendee

INspiring Educator Conference Materials 

Conference materials and presentations from previous Good Teaching Conferences can be found on the edCommunities group, ISTA INspiring Educator Conference. If you haven’t yet signed up for edCommunities, visit to register. EdCommunities provides access to an online, national community of educators and professional groups to connect with your peers.