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New Effort Launches: Indiana's Public Schools Are Not for Sale



Indiana’s public schools are not for sale.


The attacks on public schools in our state continue. The question is “Will we accept a two-tier education system in Indiana where money comes first or will we band together and fight for a quality public education for all children across our state?”


To help protect and promote Indiana’s public schools and to learn about the most recent attempts to privatize them, visit our new website:



Visit the site to learn more about HB 1321, the most recent legislative attack on public schools.


Visit the site to email your legislators to let them know that these attacks on public schools must stop.


Visit the site to tell policymakers that what Indiana needs are well-resourced, high-quality public schools for every child in every community. Indiana doesn’t need to turn over its public schools to private charter school operators.


If you care about our schools, now is the time to reach out and begin talking with your colleagues, your friends, your neighbors and others who care about our state’s future to learn how we can all fight to protect public schools from harmful legislation like HB 1321.


We must stand up for public schools. Now.