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Indy Stars Matt Tully's continued obsession with public school teachers and support professionals is on full display in the wake of the recent Supreme Court Decision on Campaign Contributions


Matt Tully recently wrote an article about the amounts of campaign donations made in Indiana in the context of the recent Supreme Court ruling on unlimited campaign donations for federal campaigns.


To lump the collection of very small campaign donations made by a multitude of like-minded, ordinary citizens and public servants (who, by the way, do extraordinary things every single day to benefit Indiana's future) and compare them to the obscene five-, six- and (taken in their aggregate) seven-figure contributions made by individual corporate fat cats who write personal checks to campaigns in sums many times larger than the annual income of the ordinary Hoosier in hopes of influencing policies that serve their narrow agendas is as ridiculous as it is disingenuous.


However, his take on things comes as no real surprise and is certainly not "newsworthy" stuff.  We figure whoever reads his stuff on any regular basis has figured him out by now.  It's never particularly subtle. Tully is no fan of public school employees--particularly when they choose to pool their resources and work collectively by joining their Indiana State Teachers Association.