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New report: Taxpayers losing another $40 million to private school voucher program


Private-Public-School.pngA report released by the Indiana Department of Education shows that Indiana’s controversial private school voucher program is running at a loss, costing taxpayers $40 million.


The program began running into the red in the 2013-14 school year after legislators broadened who was eligible to receive a private school voucher. The state reported a loss of $16 million.


Advocates for the private school voucher program touted the potential savings to taxpayers due to students receiving a voucher that would cost less than sending the student to a traditional public school.


However, since broadening the eligibility, a majority of students receiving a voucher have never attended a public school and likely never planned to attend a public school. According to the report, nearly 80 percent of new voucher students have no record of attending a public school.


A recent poll showed that nearly 60% of Hoosiers oppose Indiana's private school voucher program.