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Poll: Hoosiers overwhelmingly support public education

The Indiana State Teachers Association commissioned a statewide poll to gauge the public’s view of traditional public schools, educators and the issues surrounding public education in Indiana. The results show a majority of Hoosiers support their public schools, value teachers and believe there is too much focus on testing versus teaching kids to solve real-world problems in preparation for 21st century jobs.


ISTA partnered with GBA Strategies, a leader in public opinion research, to conduct the poll in November 2014. Approximately 600 registered voters were asked a variety of questions. Some key findings:

  • 73 percent rate the schools in their neighborhood as good or excellent.
  • 82 percent rate the quality of Indiana teachers in public schools as excellent or good, yet this number climbs to 85 percent when discussing public school teachers in their neighborhood.
  • 60 percent believe Indiana teachers in public schools are paid too little.
  • Two top problems that schools in their community and Indiana face are:
    • lack of parental involvement
    • too much focus on testing
  • 94 percent think it is important for schools to focus on teaching students to solve problems.
  • 57 percent oppose Indiana's private school voucher program.
  • Only 41 percent favor expanding charter schools.

“Hoosiers understand that traditional public schools are the cornerstone of our communities,” said ISTA President, Teresa Meredith. “Now is the time for policymakers to hear the voices of the parents, educators and community leaders and do what’s right for the more than one million students who are counting on us to make sure they succeed.”