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What to expect at this year’s Summer Conference

The end of the school year is fast approaching, which means ISTA’s Summer Conference is as well – June 13 – 14 in Noblesville. This year we’re approaching the conference structure, sessions and outcomes differently.

We have strategically assessed what competencies individual members, locals and leadership teams might need to help reach ISTA’s organizational goals.

The five core competencies that were identified through this process are advocacy, communications, member engagement, moving an issue to action and strong leaderships structure. Improving and building on current skills will propel locals and the Association to meet our collective goals. But, what can a member or leadership team attending the Summer Conference expect from sessions connected to these core competencies? 


Identify best practices to deliver strong member services including bargaining, discussion and contract negotiation and analysis. 


Discover how to build a communications strategy to reach and engage internal and external audiences. 

Member Engagement

Learn how to develop goals and implement tactics to grow and maintain membership. 

Moving an Issue to Action 

Find and identify the strategies needed to build collective voice in membership and community partners. 

Strong Leadership Structure 

Discuss how to adhere to and routinely review governing documents and how to involve members at every level of the local association. 

Summer Conference will lay the foundation for these core competencies and members can work together to expand what they are already doing or build in new tactics to grow membership, establish best practices and engage their communities on important issues.

Additionally, each competency training will be developed for a specific audience – or track – to allow for more collaboration, networking and skill development.

Join ISTA at Summer Conference. Register by May 31.