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What can you learn from a pirate? Find out at the Good Teaching Conference

Dave Burgess, author of New York Times best-selling book, Teach Like a PIRATE: Increase Student Engagement, Boost Your Creativity, and Transform Your Life as an Educator, is the keynote speaker at the Good Teaching Conference March 3 – 4 in Noblesville.

“I’m obsessed with finding ways to package materials,” said Burgess. “I put handles on content to make it easier for students to pick up and take with them.”

Burgess approaches teaching as a stage production with costumes and set design, which become hooks to capture the imagination of students. The pirate connection came to him as he developed a theme to create a connection with his students.

“It’s all about the spirit of a pirate,” said Burgess. “They sail into uncharted waters. They’re risk-takers and mavericks. And, that’s where the ‘hook’ comes into play to create passion and enthusiasm.”

The Good Teaching Conference is a professional development event by teachers, for teachers. As an educator, Burgess wants attendees to the conference to leave his keynote with ideas they can bring into their classrooms. His approach will offer inspiration and motivation to teachers as well as practical, hard-hitting items they can use in their classroom immediately.

“You want to get kids running to you, rather than running away,” said Burgess.

How do you get kids running to you?

Burgess recommends: 

  • Be yourself. Find what is unique about you, and use it. 
  • Be willing to fail and take risks. Safe lessons are a recipe for mediocrity. 
  • Always pre-heat the grill. Make sure your content sizzles when it lands. 
  • Enthusiasm is the most contagious thing in the world. You can't expect students to be excited for something that you're not excited about. 

Learn how to teach like a pirate and connect with a high-energy, inspirational speaker at the Good Teaching Conference. For more information and to register, click below. Registration closes Feb. 17.