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Wellness Wednesday: Rethink your New Year’s resolutions

It may not be the year to set lofty goals for the New Year, but you can still make commitments to improve self-care and wellness. Resolve to be kinder to yourself in the New Year.

With the approval and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, we can see an end in sight. But we should take lessons from 2020. It’s been a year with unusual stressors and new challenges. However, there has also been an emphasis on taking care of yourself, accepting what you can’t change and staying healthy and safe. Those key lessons can follow you into 2021.

Sample New Year’s Resolutions

Get fit. Instead of focusing on weight loss, focus on being healthy and strong. Even with vaccines, it will still take time to rollout vaccines to a significant population. Take care of your body and immune system.

Put yourself first. It’s an educator’s instinct to place your students, colleagues and families first. This has been one of the most difficult years in history for educators. It’s ok to place limits on your time, emotional capacity or otherwise if it will ensure your sanity.

Pick up a hobby. Create better boundaries for your work-life balance. If you take up a hobby you enjoy, you’ll make time for it.

Maintain family time. Likely you’ve spent more time with your family than anyone else in 2020. Don’t let that slip. Fit in family game nights, dinner and keep that weekly Zoom going with distance family even after we begin to reopen.

Emphasize experiences. In 2020, everyone was limited from creating memories through travel, concerts, events and more. It may take some time for these to return but make your plans! Alternatively, plan to fit them in through virtual options. Billboard’s got a list of virtual concerts. Watch Rick Steves’ travel talks to make plans or escape virtually.

Give back to your community. Keep it close to home! Find an organization that you can support or volunteer with in 2021.

Find what will make you fulfilled in 2021. Keep it simple and manageable as next year will still be filled with unique challenges.