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Use resources to discuss significance of LGBTQ History Month

During LGBTQ History Month in October, educators and students can explore a variety of resources to learn more about the significant contributions of LGBTQ advocates working for civil rights. Raising awareness of LGBTQ history during October can build an inclusive environment for all students in your classroom or school.

There are many organizations working to support LGBTQ students. This blog highlights student resources from some of these organizations that feature visual, auditory and hands-on activities to give each type of learner a way to connect with resources during LGBTQ History Month.


GLSEN, a network of educators, students and chapters, advocates for safe, supportive and LGBTQ-inclusive K – 12 education. Explore resources including history cards, recorded interviews, a coloring book and more.

GLSEN Resources

StoryCorps OutLoud

On the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, StoryCorps OutLoud launched a program to collect and preserve stories from the LGBTQ community, especially those born before the uprising. All the interviews can be found in the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress. Students can listen to stories or commit to recording a story with someone in their community.

StoryCorps OutLoud

Young Adult Literature

Learn from the past by looking at current young adult (YA) literature. ISTA member Craig Frawley highlights YA titles that feature inclusive LGBTQ stories. Frawley links the increase in LGBTQ stories and characters to the wider acceptance of the experiences of LGBTQ young people and stresses the value of LGBTQ students seeing themselves portrayed in literature.

LGBTQ YA Literature

Watch for more resources during October recognizing LGBTQ History Month.