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Urgent Action: ISTA Pack the House

Thanks to the advocacy of ISTA members and allies, we have seen progress in the fight against the divisive and unnecessary bill, HB 1134. Awareness of the bill and its impact on students and educators is building and we need to keep up the pressure on senators.

To do this, we are calling on members to help Pack the House over the next two weeks. ISTA’s Pack the House events will be held each day from Feb. 7 – 10, Feb. 14 – 17 and Feb. 23. Attendees will be informed of the latest legislation information and gather at the statehouse to meet with legislators and be seen – all to ensure the defeat of HB 1134, and any other legislation harmful to students or our profession.

Can you help us meet our goal of 10 people each day, plus a community member, from each of ISTA’s 23 district councils? If so, we can ensure there are at least 200 ISTA members in the halls of the Statehouse over the next crucial two weeks of session.

HB 1134 only serves to further a national narrative that does not exist in Indiana. All the while, teachers will be bullied out of having, or in some cases avoiding, difficult but necessary conversations and lessons with students – all out of fear of being sued or revocation of their teaching license. Obstacles to helping students with their social-emotional health remain in the bill as well.

With your help over the coming weeks, we will defeat HB 1134 and lift up the voices of our students and the teaching profession. We hope you’ll join us.