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Tips to improve the privacy of your online meetings

ISTA member Carolyn Porzuczek shared tips on how to host an online Zoom meeting. See how Porzuczek is implementing e-learning on Twitter @MrsPorzuczek.

Zoom has become a tool in our toolbox for connecting with students face-to-face – virtually. Concerns about security and privacy on Zoom have been raised. Use the following settings when creating your meeting to ensure your webinar remains secure.

  • Require a meeting password and give it to your intended attendees. This will only allow access to those with the password.
  • Do not enable join before host. This will prevent attendees from entering before you do.
  • Enable waiting room. This will let you control who is participating in the meeting before it begins.
  • Share the Zoom meeting invite through email to ensure only those intended participants have access (do not share via social media).

If you Google Zoombombing, you will find several examples where trolls hijacked a Zoom meeting and even shared inappropriate images all because the Zoom link was shared via social media. 

Remember, when you are on a Zoom call be aware of what is going on in your background. There have been stories circling on social media of parents yelling at kids in the background and even one where an attendee took their computer to the bathroom. Also, remember in your house anyone within earshot of your speakers can hear the conversations – it may be more prudent to wear headphones.

Zoom has published additional tips to secure your meeting. 

As you continue to leverage new tools for e-learning, follow guidance for student privacy from your district’s administration.