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Take Action: Defend Indiana Teachers by Protecting Their Collective Bargaining Rights

Urgent Action Needed!

The collective bargaining rights of Indiana's teachers are at risk! Language restricting these vital rights is being considered for inclusion in a conference committee report for an upcoming bill. We need your voice now more than ever!

Make a Call By Friday (3/8) Afternoon: Leave a message for your senator (800-382-9467) and representative (800-382-9842) and urge them to oppose any language that restricts collective bargaining rights in any legislation. Every call counts!

Your Ask: "I am a concerned [teacher/parent/citizen] and I urge you to protect our teachers' collective bargaining rights. Please oppose any provisions that restrict these rights in any bills. Our educators deserve to negotiate for their fair treatment and our students' future."

Your action can make a difference! Stand with Indiana's teachers to ensure they retain their rights to advocate for themselves and our children's education.