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Summer enrichment for kids and educators


After a year of virtual, hybrid and socially distanced learning, kids need to get physical and expand their imaginations this summer. Suggest these activities to get kids to come out from behind their screens.

Read. Whether it’s revisiting a favorite book or exploring new stories and characters, tell kids to turn off their screens and crack open a book.

Write. Every kid has imagination. Encourage your students to practice their creative writing skills.

Get outside. Whether it’s playing tag or riding a bicycle, urge your kids to enjoy the outdoors.

Share resources with kids and families.

Send summer reading suggestions from the National Education Association.

Find more ideas for summer activities from WETA’s Reading Rockets.


Summer is a great time to prepare for the new year – whether that’s clearing your mind for creative activities, exploring professional development or getting some R&R – take the time to discover what you need to do this summer to be a stronger educator come fall.

Explore online trainings. With more than a year of virtual content, educators can find professional development on nearly any topic online.

Read a good teaching book. Reading a teaching book can spark fresh ideas over the summer. When you’re excited about trying a new strategy, the demands of the coming school year feel less daunting.

Don’t overthink things. Kids are interested in what interests you. Prepare your first day of school speech and share what you’re enthusiastic about.

Radical optimism. Advocate for the positive in your classroom. Get into an optimistic and confident frame of mind.

Plan a trip. Keeping in mind that international trips may be limited for some time to come, explore areas in your neck of the woods. Camp, hike, visit a museum, explore a park. There’s lots of ways to expand your horizons without going far from home.