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Red For Ed Madness begins

Do you think your local has the most Red For Ed spirit? This March go head-to-head with other local associations in Red For Ed Madness! ISTA will select 16 local associations to compete in Red For Ed Madness. The registration for locals to participate has been extended to March 20.

How can my local compete?

  1. Host a Red For Ed walk-in before March 20 or have hosted a walk-in in 2020.
  2. Publish a Red For Ed letter to the editor. Check out these talking points to draft your letter.
  3. Show your Red For Ed spirit! This can include social media posts or videos, members sharing their Red For Ed story at a school board meeting, partnering with a community group for a shared event, hosting a legislative meeting or more. Get creative!
  4. Enter your local as a possible contender.

Either 1 (hosting a walk-in) or 2 (publishing a letter to the editor) will qualify a local to compete. Locals don’t have to complete both, but it’s a competition so every advantage counts!

If selected, how can my local win?

ISTA will post polls on social media starting Thursday, March 26 to tally up votes to advance locals to the next bracket. You’ve got to have Red For Ed spirit and encourage your members and supporters to vote for your local.

What can my local win?

Pride. Bragging rights. Street cred.

ISTA will also feature your members in a Red For Ed video!

If you have any questions about the eligibility or need more information, email