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One month to submit candidates for ISTA scholarships & awards

ISTA is proud to honor and recognize ISTA members, their dependents, students pursuing higher education and public education advocates, but we can’t do it without applicants and nominees. Before the March 1 deadline, submit a deserving candidate for an ISTA scholarship or award. Some of the scholarships include:

  • Educator Scholarship awarded to public high school seniors pursuing a degree in education who are dependents of an ISTA member.
  • Damon P. Moore Scholarship awarded to a minority, public high school senior with plans to pursue a teaching certificate.
  • Career Scholarship awarded to public high school seniors pursuing higher education who are dependents of an ISTA member.

Some of the awards include:

  • Pacesetter awarded to an ISTA member, local association, District Council or other committee that exemplifies outstanding contributions to the Association.
  • Minority Educator awarded to an ISTA member who is a minority educator who demonstrates Association engagement and community involvement.
  • J.D. Miller Young Activist awarded to an ISTA member in the first five years as an educator who actively supports the strategic work of the Association.
  • Hoosier Educator of the Year awarded to an ISTA member who exemplifies professional practice, advocacy for the profession, attention to diversity, community engagement and leadership in professional development.

These are only a handful of the scholarships and awards ISTA offers. Nominate a deserving candidate today!