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Meet new ISTA treasurer, Doug Taylor

Doug Taylor’s three-year term as ISTA treasurer begins today. Taylor was elected by delegates to the ISTA Representative Assembly in May. He’s been a long-time member involved on the local and state level.

Get to know Taylor through this Q&A.  

Q: You have extensive experience serving in leadership roles in your local – New Albany-Floyd County Education Association. What do you believe that experience brings to your new state role?

A: Being grounded: My 25 years teaching and 22 years of local association experience grounds me in the work local leaders do every day. I have lived and understand the challenges facing our members. Our local leaders strive to balance dealing with member concerns, keeping the discussion agenda moving and bargaining and monitoring the contract with the needs of their own families. The most important work we do as the Indiana State Teachers Association is to support our local affiliates.

Q: How has serving in local roles helped you as an educator and leader? What do you hope to get out of serving in a statewide capacity?

A: Serving in local leadership has made me a better teacher and broadened my understanding of the complex systems required to support public education and educators. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing educators and learn from them, which has improved my teaching.

I hope to serve our members helping them create strong locals. I know that I will learn from the outstanding advocates we have across Indiana. I have already met some great member advocates.

Q: Describe your leadership style in one word.

A: Collaborative.

Q: During your three-year term, what do you hope to achieve as ISTA treasurer?

A: My main goal as ISTA treasurer is to continue our current path of fiscal discipline and responsibility. We have very good financial practices in place. I hope to support local treasurers and local leaders, standing with them to meet the needs of their members.

Q: What do you see as the biggest opportunity and challenge for ISTA?

A: Opportunity: Organize, organize, organize. Challenge: Strengthen our local affiliates.

Q: What steps can individual members take to be more involved in their local and state association?

A: Step 1- Stay informed. Step 2 – Ask Questions. Step 3 – Help out. Every member can participate in some way at their school or jobsite.

Q: What do you do in your free-time (if there’s any left)?

A: I read to improve my teaching. I read for fun and information. I do home projects, auto maintenance on our cars and enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy taking an occasional motorcycle ride.