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Just released report shows Wal-Mart heirs dumped more than $3.4 million into Indiana 'ed reform' groups and charter schools in 2013


filepicker-gkTHRLQsyzS3MggKloYA_money.jpA recently released report shows that the Walton Family Foundation spent more than $164 million last year promoting its corporate school “reform” agenda. Of that total, at least $3.4 million went directly to education “reform” groups and charter schools in Indiana. This doesn’t include the millions given by the foundation to national groups also putting millions of dollars into school privatization efforts in Indiana.


Over the past several years, the Walton Foundation has spent millions, millions and millions supporting vouchers, charters, and other school privatization initiatives across the country.


The Walton Foundation is controlled by the remaining family members related to the founder of Wal-Mart. The six Waltons on Forbes’ list of wealthiest Americans have a net worth of $144.7 billion.


One of the top Indiana recipients of money in 2013 was Christel House Academy which received $250,000. Christel House Academy was notably involved in a school grade changing controversy involving former Superintendent Tony Bennett. Christel House received a grade of “F” on their most recent accountability rating.


We believe if these billionaires really were 100% focused on helping Indiana’s students, they would be giving their millions instead to helping Indiana’s public schools. We already know that despite years of funding cuts and legislative attacks, traditional public schools STILL outperform charter schools and voucher schools on multiple levels.  Traditional public schools would be a bigger and better return on their investment.