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Join webinars to prepare and improve your distance learning classroom

The National Education Association (NEA) Teacher Quality program is hosting a series of webinars designed to help educators prepare and improve your distance learning classroom.

Aug. 10: Planning for a Week of Distance Learning

Join ed tech experts to explore examples of what distance education might look like for you and your students. The discussion will also review transitional thinking required to best support student engagement and success.


Aug. 17: Facilitating Quality Practice

Quality practice looks, sounds and feels different virtually. Practice with platforms that teachers and paraeducators can use with students. Learn about best practices for online learning, including instructor presence, learning objectives, real world applications, clear expectations, student engagement, prompt feedback and netiquette. The two programs that will be discussed are Seesaw and Google Classroom.


Aug. 24: Providing Accommodations and Scaffolding Online

How do you support students with IEPs, English language learners and older students with developing literacy skills in an asynchronous distance learning environment? This webinar will review the use of Google Classroom and identify strategies for providing accommodations, scaffolds, SIOP features and elements of explicit instruction in an asynchronous setting that support all students.