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ISTEP replacement bill passes House

A bill that will replace Indiana’s controversial ISTEP test has passed in the House.

HB 1003 would extend the replacement of ISTEP until June 30, 2018, when a new statewide test will be known as Indiana's Learning Evaluation Assessment Readiness Network (ILEARN). The purpose of ILEARN is to develop an assessment that is student centered and provides timely and meaningful information to stakeholders on grade proficiency level and growth toward college and career readiness standards.

ISTA raised concerns about the bill, which originated from recommendations from the ISTEP Panel interim study committee. Specifically, the bill continues to base teacher evaluations and school accountability grades on standardized test scores. The bill also does not go far enough to reduce student testing time or provide a meaningful assessment for teachers to improve instructional practices in the classroom or to tailor instruction.

HB 1003 now goes on to the Senate for consideration. ISTA will continue to closely monitor this bill.