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ISTA treasurer election: Candidate statement

At the 2020 Virtual ISTA Representative Assembly (RA) June 3, there will be a statewide election for treasurer. The below candidate submitted their nomination form according to election requirements.

Ask your local president for information on how to attend the ISTA RA as a delegate or visit

Candidate for Treasurer

Doug Taylor


I am running for reelection to a second term as your ISTA Treasurer to ensure that ISTA continues to be good stewards of our members’ hard-earned dues money; that we continue to build a strong financial foundation so that ISTA can be there for the next generation of educators; that we continue to prepare educators to be the leaders and advocates our students and colleagues need; and that we continue to build our strength through building relationships in our communities across the state.

As a member of the ISTA leadership team, I commit to listen to your concerns, seek solutions, stand with you, and speak out on your behalf.

Through this campaign, I am renewing my commitment to you, the members of ISTA, and to the vital work we do to improve public schools, the working conditions of our educators, and the learning conditions for our students. ISTA is the only consistent voice for Public Education, public school educators, and our kids.

#YouCanBankonDoug: You can bank on Doug because I do as I say I will do. I strive to follow through on my commitments and show up to participate in actions and discussions that build power for our union.

The candidate statement was prepared by the candidate for the office of treasurer. The statement has been printed in its entirety, unabridged, as it was received, but limited to 200 words or fewer. ISTA Rules Governing Elections, (III. A., 2., b. and c.) prohibit the use of Association staff and equipment on behalf of any candidate for Association office.