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ISTA to lead a statewide rally March 9

ISTA President Teresa Meredith is calling on educators, parents and public-school advocates to rally at the Indiana Statehouse next month to advocate for increased teacher pay and funding for our public schools.

“Now is the time we demand more from our lawmakers,” said Meredith. “Now is the time for advocates of public schools to stand up. We are calling on our members and public education supporters to join together in Indianapolis for a Red for Ed Rally.”

The rally will be held at the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis on Saturday, March 9 beginning at 1 p.m. ET.


ISTA has been meeting with legislative leaders in the House and the governor’s office since the summer on increased education funding, with teacher pay being a priority.

Meredith says that ISTA will continue to work with lawmakers.

“We remain committed to working with legislative leaders and the governor, but we must keep up the pressure for them to do the right thing for our kids and educators.” More information and updates about the rally can be found on the Facebook event page