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ISTA Statement on Recent IDOE Webinar on Literacy Endorsement Requirements

As the President of the ISTA, I am compelled to address the profound dissatisfaction expressed by our members regarding the recent webinar conducted by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) on the literacy endorsement requirements.

The webinar, which was disappointingly brief (less than 15 minutes), pre-recorded, and devoid of any opportunity for live interaction, failed to meet the reasonable expectations of our educators who are seeking clarity and support amidst significant professional changes. Such a format is not only insufficient but also disrespectful to the dedicated professionals who are striving to understand these new requirements.

ISTA is committed to ensuring our members are heard, respected, and supported. We demand that the IDOE rectifies this situation by:

  • Implementing immediate changes to how informational sessions are conducted, ensuring they are live, adequately long, and include robust opportunities for questions and answers.
  • Holding additional webinars that are structured to genuinely address the concerns and needs of teachers.
  • Providing detailed, clear, and actionable information in a timely manner to all teachers affected by these changes.

We are currently planning further steps, including organizing direct actions and exploring additional forums where teachers can express their concerns and receive the information they rightfully deserve. We encourage all members to stay engaged, share their experiences, and support our collective call for accountability and respect from the IDOE.

ISTA stands strong in our commitment to advocate for our members. We will continue to escalate our efforts and mobilize resources to ensure that the voices of teachers are not just heard but heeded.

In Solidarity,

Keith Gambill, President
Indiana State Teachers Association