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ISTA Statement on Proposed Amendment to HB 1134

ISTA President Keith Gambill released the following statement in response to Sen. Linda Rogers’ proposed amendment to HB 1134.

“Thanks to ISTA members and public education advocates across the state, HB 1134 continues to be modified by lawmakers.

We recognize Sen. Rogers’ attempt to improve this harmful and divisive legislation, however, ISTA still has concerns over the implications of banning the teaching of certain concepts. HB 1134 would still prevent teachers from teaching our students an honest education under the threat of frivolous complaints that could lead to reprisals.

Instead of stifling tough conversations in the classroom, we should trust educators as professionals to provide students with an education that enables them to learn from the mistakes of our past and to help us all to create a better future.

Even in improved form, HB 1134 still feeds divisiveness and the politicization of our public schools. We will continue to advocate for legislators to do what’s right and vote no on HB 1134.”