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ISTA Statement on DeVos Confirmation

The U.S. Senate confirmed mega donor Betsy DeVos as secretary of education today in an historic 51-to-50 vote, with Vice President Pence casting the tiebreaking vote. In response to the confirmation of Secretary DeVos, ISTA President Teresa Meredith released the following statement.

“Despite the fact that we will now have an unqualified and divisive secretary of education, I am encouraged by the students, educators, parents, taxpayers and public education advocates who spoke loud and clear that we are here to stay and we will continue to fight to protect public education and the kids we serve. The public outcry, from both Republicans and Democrats, denies President Trump and Secretary DeVos a mandate. The growing bipartisan resistance to the Trump-DeVos agenda is here to stay. ISTA and our members will ride this wave of new energy to continue protecting students and our public schools.”