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ISTA Statement on 2018 Election

ISTA President Teresa Meredith released the following statement about the 2018 election. 

“With the campaign dust mostly settled, it is as important as ever for all Hoosiers to work together as the 2019 legislative session approaches, which will include the passage of a two-year budget and review of the school funding formula. 

Working together means coming together in the best interest of educators and the students they serve each day. Progress requires working with our elected leaders on both sides of the aisle to best enable our public schools — still, our best hope for an educated citizenry in Indiana — to thrive and improve. 

Will we face challenges? Yes. Will we shrink from those challenges? Not a chance. That is simply not the way public school educators think. So, post-election, we stand ready to work with Republicans, Democrats, Independents and everyone in between who are committed to doing what’s best for our kids, our schools and our future.”