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ISTA Statement in Response to Announcement of SB 167 Not Moving Forward

In response to Senate President Pro Tem Rodric Bray’s announcement that SB 167 would not be moving forward this session, ISTA President Keith Gambill issued the following statement.

"We thank our members and the thousands of advocates who have made their voices heard on these bills. We also thank President Pro Tem Bray for agreeing to not move forward with SB 167. This bill, and its House version, HB 1134, are not workable bills – and are a solution in search of a problem.

We urge Speaker Huston to follow President Pro Tem Bray’s lead by not moving forward with HB 1134. As long as HB 1134, and any future legislation contain the language of these bills, ISTA and our members will continue to fight for their defeat as our students all deserve the freedom to learn."