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ISTA Statement: HB 1134 Is Dead, Thanks to Hoosier Educators & Supporters

ISTA President Keith Gambill released the following statement in response to HB 1134 dying in the Senate.

“Thanks to educators, parents, community members and a broad coalition of Hoosiers who made their voices heard that HB 1134 has no place in Indiana.

Over the past several weeks, ISTA members and public education advocates have shared their stories and voiced their concerns about stifling teachers’ ability to teach and students ability to receive an honest education. Hoosier parents and educators all want our students to succeed, and we’ll continue to be partners in standing up for what’s right for their future.

Components of this bill could return during conference committee, so we’ll stay vigilant, but we hope lawmakers will take this opportunity to step back and collaborate with educators, parents, and others to create legislation that everyone can support for the benefit of all of our students.”