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ISTA Reelects NEA Board Representative

Hilda Kendrick-Appiah will serve a second term on NEA Board of Directors.

The Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA) held an election for a National Education Association (NEA) Board of Directors position during the ISTA Representative Assembly, the Association's annual business meeting. ISTA delegate members reelected Hilda Kendrick-Appiah for a second, three-year term. Her term begins Sept. 1. 

"I want to promote a more positive opinion of public education and continue to have a positive relationship with U.S. senators and representatives," said Kendrick-Appiah. "We need to encourage educators to advocate for our students, public education and their communities."

 Kendrick-Appiah's service demonstrates her commitment to public education here in Indiana and throughout the nation. As an NEA board member, she meets with federal legislators to advocate for public education funding and policy issues determined on the federal level. 

Kendrick-Appiah is a teacher at Utica Elementary in Jeffersonville. In addition to her role as an NEA board member, she serves as an ISTA board member, affirmative action committee member, association representative, District Council member and political action committee member. 

At the Representative Assembly, delegate members also elected board and standing committee members from across the state.