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ISTA President - Statement on ISTEP+ Results

“We understand the incredible responsibility that is placed in our hands to ensure that every student, regardless of their zip code or economic status is provided with the tools and resources they need to succeed in life and career.

Today’s ISTEP results show that implementing a new statewide standardized test takes some adjusting, and therefore lower than normal test scores are to be expected. Educators and the kids we serve have been the subject of a considerable amount of shifting both in academic standards and the tests to measure those standards.

It’s time to move away from ISTEP and replace it with a common sense, streamlined assessment that better measures student progress and provides meaningful, timely and actionable data for parents and educators. At the end of the day, educators go to work understanding that one discovery, one "ah-hah" moment, one interaction can plant a seed that will encourage our students to become the next engineer, artist or inventor – things no bubble test can measure.”