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ISTA member named Indiana Teacher of the Year

ISTA member Katie Pourcho is Indiana’s 2020 Teacher of the Year. An article featuring Pourcho was published in the winter Advocate. Here’s an excerpt. Read the full article.

“Class, class?” said Katie Pourcho, second-grade teacher.

“Yes, yes?” said Pourcho’s second-grade class.

Pourcho brings the attention of her second-grade art class at North Elementary in Danville back to the front of the room. The class was snipping, gluing and coloring still life collages using the art concepts and themes Pourcho had been teaching that week.

Pourcho’s classroom hums with excitement and interest as she checks in with individual students to answer questions and provide guidance.

In October 2019, the Indiana Department of Education named Pourcho the 2020 Indiana Teacher of the Year. In her ninth-year teaching, Pourcho was surprised, humbled and honored to receive the recognition.

When Pourcho talks about being named Teacher of the Year, she acknowledges the great responsibility she has and her desire to embrace every opportunity that comes her way.

“It’s easy to have teacher-to-teacher horizontal conversations, but I’ll be able to have vertical conversations with people at the Indiana Department of Education,” explained Pourcho.