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ISTA launches new resources

ISTA is rolling out new resources for your local association to access. With the Red For Ed movement growing, your community actions increasing and the legislative session upcoming, there have been numerous requests from local associations for materials and information to have available when you’re connecting with members, potential members, community members and legislators

Here are the latest resources your local can use:

  1. New ISTA Store: Here you’ll find apparel and promotional items your local can order direct from a union printer.
  2. Materials Order Form: Access professionally printed ISTA materials from ISTA Center Print. If there’s an ISTA piece you want or need more of, you can order via this form. Your local won’t be charged for ordering print materials. Each local will receive free shipping on the first order, up to $100. On all subsequent orders, your local will be responsible for shipping. Alternatively, your local can pick up the materials at ISTA headquarters in Indianapolis to avoid all shipping costs. After ordering, local presidents will be asked to approve the order. Orders will be fulfilled as quickly as possible, but orders are subject to time and materials availability. Plan ahead and submit orders 2 – 3 weeks before you need the materials delivered. As always, ISTA materials are available on the ISTA website resources page. This is where the order form link will be hosted.
  3. ISTA Shared Resources: Local associations are producing great materials! There is now a hub for locals to share materials and ideas with one another via the edCommunities group, ISTA Shared Resources. Explore the materials that have already been published by Perry Education Association and Goshen Education Association.

Can’t find what you want? Recommend items you’d like to order via email at