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ISTA disappointed in state board decision to not hold charter school accountable

The Indiana State Board of Education conducted a hearing today in response to Hoosier Virtual Academy charter school’s five straight years of receiving a grade of F. In response to the board’s decision to delay taking action, ISTA President, Teresa Meredith issued the following statement:

"I am disappointed with the decision by the state board to not take any action to hold Hoosier Virtual Academy accountable for failing its students and taxpayers. It is also concerning Hoosier Academy is able to skirt public accountability by creating a new, last-minute charter school."

"While we certainly don’t want to interrupt student learning by closing the charter school abruptly, I can’t help but be concerned about the lost months in quality student learning that may be happening."

"ISTA will continue to fight to hold charter schools more accountable to the kids they serve and the taxpayers who fund them."