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Indiana’s traditional public schools outperform charter and private schools

Today, the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) released the 2017 school letter grades following Indiana State Board of Education approval.

The IDOE noted that nearly 25 percent of schools improved one or more letter grade. Sixty-two percent of schools received an A or B. However, these results differ greatly when broken down into traditional public schools and charter schools.

Sixty-two percent of traditional public schools received an A or B, while just 32 percent of charter schools received an A or B.

When it comes to private schools, traditional public schools remain competitive and even do better in some comparisons. Eighty-five percent of traditional public schools fall into the A – C letter grade category, versus 84 percent of private schools.

“Despite a flawed grading system, our community-based public schools continue, year after year, to outperform charter schools in Indiana,” said ISTA President Teresa Meredith. 

“I am proud of our students and educators for their hard work, much of which can’t be evaluated or fully represented by a letter grade," said Meredith. "Today’s grades demonstrate why our elected officials should refocus support for our neighborhood public schools."