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Indiana OnTrack Addresses Student Testing

Plan from Superintendent Ritz Looks to Reduce Overtesting and Provide Measurement Tools for Educators and Parents 

INDIANAPOLIS — Oct. 11, 2016 — Today, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz unveiled her proposal, the Indiana OnTrack Assessment Plan, to address the streamlining and revamping of Indiana's K - 12 student assessment system.

The Indiana OnTrack Assessment Plan looks to reduce testing time, redundancies and cost. Ritz' assessment plan aims to provide educators and parents with timely and transparent test results, which will positively impact student learning and increase fairness for teacher evaluations. The program also complies with the broad goals outlined by the state Legislature for the testing panel. 

"Indiana OnTrack offers the comprehensive framework needed to overhaul Indiana's testing system," said ISTA President Teresa Meredith. "The idea that educators could receive assessments that measure the growth and college and career readiness of their students means more responsive instruction and learning." 

The Indiana Department of Education will seek public input on the assessment plan. 

"ISTA members will be enthusiastic to share their thoughts on the program," said Meredith. "Testing and the time it steals from actual classroom learning is a concern we hear from our members regularly."