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SBOE working with Ritz; Your voices are making the difference

Since alerting you to Friday's Indiana State Board of Education meeting and the possible likelihood that Superintendent Ritz's role as Chair of the State Board of Education could be stripped down, your response has been overwhelming. Our post was shared hundreds of times and your messages of support for Glenda Ritz to the board members have already made a difference.

We are hearing from a lot of you that some state board members are saying that they are wanting to work with Superintendent Ritz. Board member Brad Oliver has said through his Twitter account that the board is "working with NASBE, including Superintendent Ritz to improve our meeting procedures."

Thank you to all of our members and friends of public schools for your support in working to ensure Superintendent Ritz's role as Chair is left intact. We are encouraged by the board's vocal willingness to work with Superintendent Ritz. We hope that Friday’s meeting addressing board procedures will result in a fair outcome for all parties and the students which the board serves.