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We agree with Journal Gazette: Pence's plans for state suffer from lack of vision




The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette published an editorial today in response to Governor Pence’s State of the State address.


As we wrote yesterday, we questioned Governor Pence’s leadership, particularly on adequately funding our state’s public schools. Rather, he continues to focus on the same failed economic theories he pushed while in Congress. Namely, his push to eliminate $1 billion in funding for already cash strapped public schools and local governments.


 The Journal Gazette agrees:

Instead of a half-hearted case for phasing out the business personal property tax, for example, we would have liked to have heard the governor explain that now is not the time to cut more revenue from local governments and schools.

The paper also dreams up what the Governor should have said on education in his televised speech:

“You’ve made vouchers available to as many parents as possible,” he could have said. “Let’s hold the line until we see the effects on public schools and until we have complete and objective data on the performance of non-public schools.”

Hoosiers are waiting for bold leadership to lift our state up. Not for someone proving himself to 2016 Iowa Republican voters.


The entire editorial can be read here.