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Journal Gazette: New teacher permit 'puts a lie to any claims of raising education standards'


The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette published an excellent editorial this morning on the career specialist permit aka the adjunct permit under REPA III.


The paper points out the absurdity of the permit’s concept.


Next time you undergo a medical procedure, ask whether any of the health professionals involved in your care are working under a “career specialist permit.” Perhaps a medical device sales representative working as a surgeon? A hospital administrator as a registered nurse?


Or, in a legal setting, can you find a former bailiff licensed as an attorney under a career specialist permit?


Ludicrous, right? Not to the Indiana State Board of Education.


The editors continue by pointing out that licensing avenues already exist and question the sincerity of the permit’s supporters:


Supporters of the weakened requirements claim that the career specialist permit brings new talent to Indiana schools, but the state already has three alternative pathways to licensing: an emergency permit where teaching shortages occur, the transition to teaching license and an advanced-degree license.


Each of the pathways requires the vital classroom experience the career specialist permit lacks. The push to place inexperienced instructors in front of Indiana students puts a lie to any claims of raising education standards.


The entire editorial can be read here.


To learn more about the career specialist permit and how to contact the State Board of Education, click here.